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Thai Enamel

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            Thai enamel handicraft is an art of color on jewelries, ornaments and wares which express Thai identity. The craft has succeeded for several hundred years since Adhudhaya Dynasty (around 16-17 AD century).

            Thai craftsmen applied color-enamel compound on the exquisite Thai-style pattern of wares with their unbounded imagination to create their art-of-craft master pieces. Consequently, its value has been increased when time went by.

            Thai handicraft which has inherited for several generations is a way to get into Thai art, to understand Thai culture, to feel Thai life-style and to touch the soul of Thai people. Today, Thai enamel still uses ancient techniques to keep its precious value.

            For more than half of century, Mrs. Boonmee Jun-urairat has practiced the art of enamel. Such a long period of time bonds her with her work. Even though enameling needs patient and delicacy. She still loves in doing her enamel work in high quality and Thai traditional designs.

            As mentioned, Thai enamel by Boonmee keeps the traditional techniques of enameling because it was passes on from her master. The technique is considered to be the heart of enamel work, so it cannot be replaced by modern techniques.

            Therefore, Thai enamel becomes the art of handicraft which is the pride of Thai people whereas impresses foreigners all over the world.